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Blue Ribbon Store established in 1964, by Philip Knight, had the vision to establish such a strong brand recognition that would tempt everyone to desire only for their products. Who knew their objective would turn out to be real. In 1978, the massive athletic, sports and recreational sports products’ manufacturer renamed itself to Nike, Inc. after the success of its soccer shoe ‘Nike’ released during 1971. Nonetheless, in 2011 its total revenue was estimated to $20.01 Billion!

”A Shoe. A Company. A Journey” is one of the foremost mottoes that furthermore perpetuates the brand identity of Nike along with its 1988’s advertising mark ”Just Do It” that brings about the needed inspiration and excellence in sportsmen around the globe. Hence, most of the athletes prefer and use this firm’s products widely. Even though Nike’s athletic wear and footwear costs expensive to majority of the populace, but the loyalty through its product’s reliability, comfort and durability still prompts to buy from these. For instance you must have saved your allowance of few months; you waited and then went to your nearest outlet to buy your dreamlike pair of Nike. 

Today it develops - along with athletes - high-end footwear instilling the desirability into the common minds around the planet. Its footwear and sportswear are the produced with ultra quality that is the modern standard of athletic wear. Since decades it developed its separate identity by crafting unique footwear that has the ultimate comfort and durability pursuing each individual to lust for Nike shoes.

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*Designer & Branded Apparel at Economical Prices

Fashion aficionados have the luxury to indulge in the latest trendsetting patterns, while acquiring their favourite clothing with just 4 clicks from your laptop. In other words, any clothing item of your choice has just the distance similar to between you and your laptop. 

You would agree, as you are already aware that fashion apparel is a bit expensive. As you head out for shopping you find yourself walking away from that gorgeous dress that got your attention just because looking at the price tag. Yet, you need to buy that designer wear on which you set your eyes to have yourself stand out in the crowd, and become a head turner. But, then again you also need to save a bit of cash that you saved for a dinner or for a cold one with your loved one. Now, it puts you to opportunity cost - choosing between the two important things and letting off one to go - leaving you bewildered. is the pit-stop to put you out of your confusion.

Yes, absolutely! With a few clicks all of the ordered products will be delivered to you at your doorstep, without charging you a single penny. That can instantly happen by visiting In collaboration with a couple of famous courier trademarks, your product will be transported to you anywhere in Pakistan. More than 20 individual brands and designers are available to supply an extensive variety with budgeted prices that are already cut down to offer discounted prices. On special occasions, promotional offers and discount coupons are readily made available prior to local festivities. In other words, the retail prices of most of the items are already discounted to be sold cheaply.

'Daraz' is all about a palette of vibrant colours, a huge array of breathtaking apparel, alluringly crafted footwear, sparkling jewellery, hot n appealing accessories and you.

Men or women can find out tons of variety for their choice of clothing; whether for a formal evening or for a casual hangout, you can delve in our stock to mesmerize yourself with fashion clothing line being provided by this online fashion retailer.

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Introducing - Pakistan’s Most Lusted Online Fashion Retailer

You must have visited a bunch of portals that exaggerate exquisite aspects that can make a user experience simple; yet, you find yourself in a cobweb?!? Most, Easiest, Reliable & Simplistic, these are the attributes for online shopping that have been attributed to, for its simplicity lies within its website’s interface.

Apart from its interface, Daraz.Pk proudly serves Pakistani customers with the best available fashion deals on products with much affordability & with the guarantees that can be claimed with the host company to prevail hassle free shopping experience. It’s your online fashion retailer that supplies authenticity, time saving manoeuvres along with the unmatched definitive customer service that actually brought customers across Karachi to this online hub of fashionista ranging from Men’s Shalwar Kameez to Mens’ crocs, or from Women’s tops, leggings & trousers to Branded sports apparel that is sometimes hard to find on sale in discount.

But at apparel is made available in fairly more discounted price in contrast to other online retailers. With just only 4 simple clicks from your laptop, you are able to acquire your yearned item at your front door!

Shopping should be a hassle free task; a scenario that shouldn’t be nerve racking that shall eventually get you a stroke due to rambling around in the market in search for your classy outfit. By visiting, you are able to hand-pick your entire entire to make it perfect whether for a casual outing or for formal dinner. Thus, daraz is supplying customers a prestigious service with the best available prices at the cost of just visiting their home page.

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